Global Immunology Virtual Symposium

Make your mark on the future of immunology

May 24–28, 2021

Researchers from around the world are breaking new ground and revealing immunological insights that were, at one time, unimaginable. Connect with a global community of immunologists at the 10x Genomics Global Immunology Virtual Symposium to discover the latest in immunological research. Register for on-demand series to hear how leading scientists are making their mark on immunology—from transplantation to infectious disease research—followed by live Q&A forums. And join master classes hosted by experts in sample preparation and data analysis.

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Megan Sykes.jpeg
Plenary session: Integrating single cell transcriptomics with alloreactive TCR sequencing in human transplant recipients
Megan Sykes, MD
Director, Columbia Center for Translational Immunology
Columbia University
Expansion of cytotoxic CD4 T cells in supercentenarians
Kosuke Hashimoto, PhD
Associate Professor
Osaka University
Eliver Ghosn.jpeg
Systems immunology approach reveals novel mechanisms of lung pathology in severe COVID-19
Eliver Ghosn, PhD
Assistant Professor
Emory University School of Medicine/Lowance Center for Human Immunology
Bimber Headshot.jpg
Development of Multimodal Single-cell Sequencing for Rhesus Macaque
Benjamin Bimber, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
Oregon National Primate Research Center
Matt Chamberlain.jpg Master Class: SignacX - Cell type classification across diseases, technologies and tissues
Virginia Savova, PhD
Distinguished Scientist and Lab Head
Master class: Neutrophil sample preparation - Global absence and targeting of protective immune states in severe COVID-19
Alexis Combes, PhD
Disease-to Biology Colab Director, CoLab EVCP, ImmunoX Initiative
University of California, San Francisco
unknown user.png
Live panel discussion
Rea Dabelic, PhD, Manager, Segment Marketing, Immunology
Patrick Murphy, PhD, Science & Technology Advisor
Marty Flores, PhD, Sr Field Application Scientist
Rachana Jain, PhD, Staff Scientist, Applied Bioinformatics
10x Genomics

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