Symposium Series

Next Generation Multiomics Symposium

Reveal the full spectrum of biological complexity

Groundbreaking discoveries require innovative tools. Single cell and spatial sequencing technologies have transformed our understanding of biology by letting us profile and visualize cell and tissue heterogeneity with powerful resolution. To reach new insights into complex biology, researchers need next generation multiomics—the ability to capture multiple measurements simultaneously from the same single cell or tissue section.

Explore how you can leverage next generation multiomics tools to advance your research. Hear from leading researchers about the latest breakthroughs and innovations in the on-demand recordings. The scientific presentations discuss how single cell and spatial multiomic profiling of combined transcriptome, epigenome, or protein have uncovered novel insights in cancer research, immunology, and more. 

Introduction to next generation multiomics & technologies
Speaker 1: Laura DeMare, PhD
Product Manager, 10x Genomics

Single cell & spatial multiomics: troubleshooting sample preparation
Speaker 2: Catia Moutinho, PhD
Group Leader, Garvan Institute
Co-sponsored by Illumina

Deep immune profiling at scale: Efficient pipelines and TEA-seq for simultaneous trimodal measurements
Peter Skene, PhD
Director, Allen Institute for Immunology
Lucas T. Graybuck, PhD
Senior Scientist, Allen Institute for Immunology

Exploring breast tumor immunology through integrated single cell and spatial multiomics
Alex Swarbrick, PhD
Associate Professor, Garvan Institute

Integrative multiomics of human myocardial infarction
Rafael Kramann, MD, PhD, FASN
Professor and Chair, RWTH Aachen University and Erasmus Medical Centre

Highly multimodal measurements of single cells
Eleni Mimitou, PhD
Senior Research Scientist, New York Genome Center

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