Webinar Series

Single cell sequencing: from concept to benchtop

In the past decade, researchers have discovered a wealth of information that could only be revealed by investigating biology at its smallest functional units: individual cells. In this educational webinar series, we’ll introduce you to single cell technologies and their advantages, and then walk you through the basics of experimental design and data analysis.

Each webinar in this series will consist of a ~40 minute presentation followed by a live Q&A session.

What is single cell sequencing and why does it matter?

Single cell sequencing enables scientists to uncover heterogeneity that bulk techniques overlook, bringing clarity, detail, and nuance to studies across a wide range of applications. With this overview, you can start to explore the ways in which single cell sequencing can transform your own research.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about different methods commonly used for single cell sequencing, with a focus on gene expression
  • Become familiar with the general workflow and key points to consider when planning an experiment
  • Discover the advantages of single cell technology and how it complements techniques you already know



Nicole Abreu, PhD
Science & Technology Advisor
10x Genomics

Designing your first single cell experiment

Setting up your first single cell experiment may seem daunting, from choosing the right throughput level to determining a sample preparation workflow. Understanding important assay parameters and your ultimate research goals can help you make informed decisions to successfully implement single cell research in your lab.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Examine the variables that go into experimental design, including those for 10x Genomics single cell workflows, and gene expression studies in particular
  • Learn about considerations for sample preparation that contribute to successful workflows
  • Identify resources for assistance in obtaining grants to bring single cell studies to your lab



Zuly Peralta, PhD
Associate Product Manager, Sample Preparation
10x Genomics

Getting started with analyzing single cell data

Running your single cell gene expression assay is just the beginning. Next, the exciting work of data analysis can start, leading the way to novel biological insights. Going through this abundance of data might seem overwhelming, but intuitive software is available for data analysis and visualization.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Get an overview of common ways to analyze single cell sequencing data, including tools from 10x Genomics and those developed by the scientific community
  • Learn how to annotate cell clusters using 10x Genomics Loupe Browser
  • Find out how to utilize data analysis pipelines with a point-and-click interface via the 10x Genomics Cloud



Karen Lai, PhD
Scientist, Applied Bioinformatics
10x Genomics

Juan Du, PhD
Senior Scientist, Applied Bioinformatics
10x Genomics

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