Immunology eBook

Make your mark on immunology

We are entering a critical stage of immunological discovery. With increasingly powerful technologies, immunologists are gaining the resolution they need to develop actionable insights, transforming the way we understand, approach, and treat immune-related diseases.
Download this eBook to explore a new era of immunological discovery:
  • Discover how single cell and spatial multiomics are empowering immunologists to reveal the full depth of immune complexity.
  • Deepen your understanding of the immune system with insights into vaccine development, immunotherapy response, mechanisms of transplant rejection, and more.
  • Explore recent studies, emerging techniques, and exciting discoveries being made today—and the possibilities they represent for the future.
Download our Immunology Research Guide to learn more about applying multiomic cytometry to:
  • Combine gene and cell surface marker measurements for improved subtype and cell state identification
  • Determine antigen binding specificities of T cells combined with TCR sequences for a more detailed characterization of the immune response
  • Unlock the true diversity of the immune repertoire for the identification of functional phenotype and clonality
  • Understand the impact of epigenetics for subtype classification and lineage determination
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