Experiment Planning Guide

Getting started with multiomic
single cell immunology

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Characterize complex cell populations by profiling hundreds of cell surface proteins along with gene expression and more, cell by cell, to gain an intricate picture of immunology and accelerate your discoveries. Find out how to get started.

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Download The Essential Guide: Multiomic Single Cell Immunology to discover:

  • Detailed guidance for planning your single cell immunology experiments, including insights into the best tools for your questions of interest—such as which tools can help you uncover the immune cell types regulating inflammation and disease, or the gene regulatory networks governing T-cell exhaustion
  • Technical sample preparation recommendations that span a breadth of methods, whether you’re considering cell enrichment, cells versus nuclei, atypical versus model species, or sample replicates
  • Sequencing considerations and tips for data analysis, including how to start your collaboration with a bioinformatician
  • An in-depth compendium of references and experimental applications, from immune cell discovery to therapeutic development, that show how others have asked and answered similar questions with single cell multiomic approaches

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