Research Snapshot:
Single-Cell Map of Diverse
Immune Phenotypes in the
Breast Tumor Microenvironment

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Single cell sequencing technologies can be used to profile tissues and identify the molecular drivers of disease, study immune function, identify developmental trajectories, and decipher the tumor microenvironment. In this recent publication from Azizi et al., researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (New York, NY, USA) performed large-scale, single cell analysis of immune cells within the breast tumor microenvironment. They developed computational tools to normalize and cluster single cell RNA sequencing data across multiple tumors, revealing a continuum of activation and differentiation states for tumor-associated T cells and macrophages.

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Download this Research Snapshot to learn about how these researchers:

  • Performed single cell transcriptional profiling of 45,000 breast carcinoma-resident immune cells from multiple tumor tissue types
  • Combined flow cytometry with the Single Cell Immune Profiling Solution to combine single cell immune profiling and gene expression information from 27,000 breast carcinoma-resident T cells
  • Used computational analysis to compare single cell data across multiple tumor microenvironments

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