On-Demand Webinar

Placing Single Cells at the Center of Infectious Disease Biology

Explore the latest published and pre-print infectious disease research, including studies of COVID-19, supported by single cell gene expression and immune profiling technology from 10x Genomics.


Watch this on-demand webinar recording to explore crucial applications of single cell gene expression and immune profiling for studies of COVID-19 and broader infectious disease research. Learn how scientists leveraged single cell approaches to:

  • Create single cell atlases of diverse biological systems and organs, annotating the expression of human receptor genes implicated in viral entry
  • Identify specific cell types highly susceptible to infection on the basis of quantified co-expression of genes associated with viral infection, including ACE2 and TMPRSS2
  • Resolve the immune microenvironment of infected lung tissue, distinguishing the cellular and molecular features of severe and mild cases of COVID-19, and uncovering potential novel biomarkers
  • Investigate the transcriptional programs underlying the adaptive immune cell response to vaccination, identifying both specific and non-specific expanded clonotypes
  • Map the relationship between full-length, paired T-cell and immunoglobulin sequences and antigen specificity to accelerate immune repertoire discovery and validation

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Watch this on-demand seminar recording to learn how UCSF Assistant Professor, Dr. Jimmie Ye, and his team:
  • Performed single cell RNA-sequencing for 1 million immune cells from 200 mixed blood samples from patients with lupus and healthy controls
  • Quantified cell type proportions and defined biomarkers predictive of lupus disease status and severity with single cell gene expression data
  • Optimized cellular throughput and reduced error from sample preparation with a multiplexing workflow
  • Characterized cellular and molecular variation between each unique sample, and removed doublets, using a demultiplexing algorithm
Contact us if you’re ready to talk to an expert about our Immunology Solutions.
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