Demystifying single cell sequencing

Learn how single cell sequencing technology works and how it can enhance your experiments.

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Download this eBook to explore the value of single cell sequencing technology—how it works to elevate biological insights and advance groundbreaking discoveries—and find helpful content to demystify unfamiliar elements of the workflow.


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  • Inspiring snapshots of innovative research, showing how single cell sequencing is changing our understanding of and approach to treatments for cancer, infectious disease, neurodegenerative conditions, and more
  • Key differences and similarities between the 10x Genomics single cell sequencing workflow and familiar molecular biology techniques such as flow cytometry, RNA-seq, and qPCR
  • Guidance for choosing the appropriate single cell sequencing method, with considerations for your experimental goals
  • Helpful resources, including educational materials and peer-reviewed publications across major research areas, to support the start of your own single cell journey

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