Neuroscience Success Kit

Explore resources for the next step in your spatial and single cell journey towards discovery

Launch your single cell and spatial journey of discovery with a curated selection of essential resources designed to support your quest towards building a deeper understanding of the nervous system. Overcome sample challenges and gain confidence to navigate the single cell and spatial tools that can advance your neuroscience research.

10x_Thumbnail_Neuro-Education-Hub_3_Pages.pngExplore some of these featured neuroscience resources with access to the Education Hub:
  • eBook: Explore the complexity of the nervous system
    Learn how single cell and spatial technologies can uncover the diversity of cell types and subtypes within the nervous system, and drive key insights into neural disease and development.

  • Guide: Getting started with single cell gene expression
    Bring single cell capabilities to your neuroscience research with tips for sample prep, data analysis, and more in this experiment planning guide.
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