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10x Genomics Americas User Group Meeting - Virtual Event Series 2020

Internet Explorer is not supported by the Virtual Meeting platform and should not be used to access the meeting.

The video player is part of the virtual UGM platform, so users do not need to install any software.  You must allow audio and video from within your browser and from computer settings. You will be able to view the virtual UGM as long as you use a supported browser.

The list of supported web browsers and versions is as follows:

Users should check their browser version before accessing the virtual UGM website. You can use this site to test your settings: https://browsertest.eventfinity.co/ and if all items return a green checkmark, you are ready!  If you get a red check, you may need to turn off your VPN or firewall or check that you have allowed your audio and video access to the site. Also ensure you are in a location with a stable internet connection.

Users are encouraged to have a minimum download speed of at least 5 mbps and preferably 10 mbps or more. This will allow users to have the best experience on the virtual event platform.  Users can check their speed at speedtest.net.

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