10x Genomics Visium Spatial Access Program

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About Visium Spatial Gene Expression

Assessing gene expression with morphological context is critical to our understanding of biology and the progression of disease. Historically, it has been challenging to spatially interrogate complex heterogeneous tissues in a high-throughput manner, especially without previously generated assumptions about the genes being expressed. With Visium Spatial products researchers can now map the whole transcriptome for entire H&E- or immunofluorescently stained fresh frozen or FFPE tissue sections with morphological context.

Whole transcriptome spatial analysis for FFPE tissues opens the door for you to:

  • More readily study archived, biobanked samples for biomarker discovery
  • Perform retrospective and longitudinal studies to track biological processes over time
  • Make the most of precious tissue samples by combining with immunofluorescence for simultaneous visualization of protein and gene expression, or with H&E for morphological context

About Visium Spatial Access Program

Together with our Certified Service Provider Indivumed GmbH, 10x Genomics now offers you the opportunity to participate in the Visium Access Service Project at a special price. Make use of the Visium for FFPE Spatial Transcriptomics technology to generate pilot gene expression data in the morphological context with your own samples (2 or 4 samples per customer).

With Indivumed GmbH being experienced in the technology and having all the equipment and trained lab staff for the Visium FFPE workflow, your samples will be in expert hands starting from the sample submission, quality control up to the provision of the data files containing all the precious information you are looking for.

If you want to learn more about how to participate in the Visium Access Service Project, please reach out to your local sales executive or fill out the contact form.

The offer conditions:

  • The Visium Access Service Projects will be offered until July 31, 2023.
  • This program is offered to new Visium customers in Europe only.
  • The project is for 2 or 4 samples / customer.
  • The Visium Access Service will cover the Visium for FFPE workflow in combination with H&E staining.

About Indivumed

Indivumed is a physician-led, integrated global oncology company committed to unveiling complex mechanisms of cancer in order to support precision oncology. Only a multi-omics approach can achieve this goal – and reliable multi-omics require especially high-quality biospecimens and data. Besides our own clinical network for retrieving high-quality biospecimens, Indivumed’s service portfolio ranges from classical applications in the fields of immunohistochemistry, proteomics, genomics, and cell biology to cutting-edge methods supporting precision oncology, such as digital histopathology or spatial gene expression profiling, by using the Visium platform from 10x Genomics.

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