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See human breast cancer or mouse brain at subcellular resolution

High-plex spatial gene expression data without cumbersome data analysis? Our Xenium In Situ platform shortens your time to answers by processing data in parallel to a Xenium run so the output can be directly explored after the instrument run.

There’s no better way to see what it can do for you than by getting a data demonstration. Sign up to get a personalized demo for the tissue of your choosing and experience how Xenium enables:

  • Intuitive data visualization of each tissue section in its entirety, right after an instrument run—no bioinformatics experience required
  • Streamlined visualization of 3D localized transcripts from our pre-validated off-the-shelf panels, which can be customized with up to 100 of your favorite genes
  • Comparisons of gene expression profiles in different tissue regions to quickly gain insights into unique microenvironments
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