European Single Cell Discovery Symposium 2022

We gathered with some of our customers, partners, and 10x Genomics experts at our European Single Cell Discovery Symposium (Stockholm - Cambridge - Paris - Frankfurt) to discuss single cell gene expression analyses. We really enjoyed our meetings and would like to share with you recordings of the talks from this event.


From Northern Blots to tSNE plots
Scott Brouilette
Associate Director, Global Product Marketing, Single Cell, 10x Genomics
  Multimodal profiling of the chromatin with single-cell resolution
Marek Bartosovic
Postdoc, Karolinska Institute
  Unlock the power of scale with high-throughput multiomic single cell assays
Koen De Gelas
Science and Technology Advisor, 10x Genomics
Multiomics Workflows with Illumina Sequencing Portfolio
Emilia Laakso Ottosson
Field Application Specialist, Illumina Sweden
Taking CRISPR Screening to Single Cell Resolution
Marko Sankala
Research Technology Specialist, Merck
Cell Preparation for single-cell sequencing
Nikola Vojnovic
Technical Sales Consultant, Miltenyi Biotec
Using single-cell and spatial transcriptomics to elucidate mechanisms underlaying mucosal healing
Eduardo Villablanca
Associate Professor, Karolinska Institutet
Single cell transcriptional profiling of the murine blood brain barrier during neurodegeneration
Michael Vanlandewijck
Head of SICOF, Researcher, Karolinska Institute
Trailblazing the Future of Spatial Biology
Christina Galonska
Senior Scientist, Spatial Omics, 10x Genomics

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Single cell RNA sequencing & the origins of cancer
Sam Behjati
Group Leader, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Cambridge
  Single-cell roadmap of human gonadal development
Valentina Lorenzi
PhD Student, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Cambridge
  Chromium X series with fixed RNA profiling
Stephen Hague
Senior Science and Technology Advisor, 10x Genomics
Multiomics Workflows with Illumina Sequencing Portfolio
Chris Wright
Territory Account Manager, Illumina UK
Taking CRISPR Screening to Single Cell Resolution
Gurpreet Balrey
Head of Global Commercial Enablement and EMEA Business, Merck
Thurka Poobalasingam
Technical Specialist II, BioLegend
Cell Preparation for single-cell sequencing
Anna Hows
Senior Sales Consultant, Miltenyi Biotec
Using single cell methods to investigate COVID-19 immunity: lessons from the pandemic and future directions
Emily Stephenson
Research Associate, Newcastle University and Wellcome Sanger Institute
Understanding the molecular and cellular complexity of human ocular surface and its permissiveness to SARS-CoV-2 through single cell analyses
Majlinda Lako
Professor, Stem Cell Sciences, Newcastle University
NIHR BRC Genomics Research Platform and Single Cell Laboratory
Pawan Dhami
Head of Guy's and St Thomas' Biomedical Research Centre
Tissue architecture impacts fate progression in human brain organoids
Ivan Imaz-Rosshandler
Postdoc, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge
Trailblazing the Future of Spatial Biology
Nicola Cahill
Science and Technology Advisor, 10x Genomics

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  Dissecting the T cell response to non-small cell lung cancer
Joshua Waterfall
Group Leader, Integrative Functional Genomics of Cancer /Curie Institute
  Multiomics Workflows with Illumina Sequencing Portfolio
Hélène Ipas
Field Application Scientist, Illumina
  Twin study reveals non-heritable immune perturbations in multiple sclerosis
Florian Ingelfinger
Postdoctoral Scientist, Zurich University
  Use of single cell multiomics for personalized Medecine
Michael Menager
Lab Director, Imagine Institute
  When tissue is the issue – preparation of cells and nuclei for single-cell sequencing
Corentin REVEL
Product Specialist – Sample Preparation & Cell Culture, Miltenyi France
  First Single-Cell Gene Expression Analysis Of Equine Bronchoalveolar Cells Sophie Sage
Clinician, Vet Suisse University of Bern
  Inserm Bio-Santé Toulouse plateform (IBST)
Frederic Martins
Co-Director, Plateforme GeT du Genopole Toulouse
  Integrated spatial and multimodal single cell transcriptomics reveals the in situ topography of splenic marginal zone lymphoma
Pauline Gravelle
Doctor, Département d’Anatomie et Cytologie Pathologiques, Institut Universitaire du Cancer Toulouse - Oncopole Centre de Recherches en Cancérologie de Toulouse, Team NoLymIT
  Single Cell dissection of Hepatic Inflammation in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Joel Haas
Group Leader, U1011- Institut Pasteur de Lille
  Single-cell and Spatial Long-Read Transcriptomics
Kevin Lebrigand
Head Bioinformatics UCAGenomiX, IPMC
  Expanding the single cell menu
Christophe Fleury
Senior Science and Technology Advisor, 10x Genomics
  Complete single-cell sequencing services
Bastiaan Bijl
Business Development Manager, Single Cell Discoveries
  Links between cell plasticity, immune infiltration and response to cisplatin in hepatoblastoma
Théo Hirsch
Post-doctoral researcher, U1138- Centre de recherche des Cordeliers
  Taking CRISPR screening to single cell resolution
Delphine Ayache
Research Technology Specialist, Merck
  Understand protein and RNA expression on a single-cell level with TotalSeq™ oligo-conjugated antibodies
Camille Baey
Technical Application Scientist France, Biolegend
  Trailblazing the future of spatial biology
Caroline Gallant
Co-director R&D Stockholm, 10X Genomics

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  Single cell and spatial mapping of kidney and cardiovascular disease
Rafael Kramann
Director, Institute of Experimental Medicine and Systems Biology
  Using single cell genomics to understand tissue immunology
Michael Delacher
Group Leader, Institute for Immunology,
University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
  Resolve biological complexities with Single Cell Multiomics
Lia Burkhardt
Science and Technology Advisor, 10x Genomics
  Standardizing single cell workflows
Laura Arrigoni
Postdoctoral Researcher, Max Plank Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics
  Putting ideas into action – sequencing with IMGM
Vanessa Dietinger
Project Manager, IMGM
  Learning cellular state and dynamics in single cell genomics
Fabian Theis
Director, Helmholtz Munich Computational Health Center
  Multiomics for a Holistic View of Biology
Benjamin Farnung
Sr. Territory Account Manager, illumina
  Cell and nuclei preparation for a smart start into single-cell genomics
María Delso Vallejo
Product Manager Sample Preparation, Miltenyi Biotec
  Taking CRISPR Screening to single cell resolution
Claudia Prothmann
Research Technology Specialist Genomics, Merck
  Single Cell Multiomics Powered by TotalSeq™
Stefanie Lüdiger
Technical Application Scientist, BioLegend
  Optimize 10x Genomics technologies with Abcam Services
Ute Hagner
Strategic Account Manager, Abcam
  Identification and validation of microglial drug targets using single cell technology
Markus Kummer
Principal Research Scientist II, Team / Project Lead – Neuroinflammation, Abbvie
  Single cell transcriptomics in plant research
Miguel Miñambres Martín
Investigator Postdoctoral, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
  Spatially Resolved Multiomics in FFPE Tissues
James Chell
Staff Scientist, 10x Genomics

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