Multiomics Discovery Symposium Series

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 | London | Heidelberg

The Multiomics Discovery Symposium (MDS) is a hybrid symposium series  for those new to single cell and spatial technology and seasoned 10x Genomics technology users. We gathered with some of our customers, partners, and 10x Genomics experts at three European cities: Marseille, London and Heidelberg. This series of scientific sessions featured keynote presentations by leading researchers, expert panels, and breakout sessions.


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Marseille Symposium Recordings

Studying normal and pathological lungs at a single-cell resolution
Pascal Barbry
PhD, Research Director

Exploring Xenium In Situ data and defining best practice analysis workflows
Sergio Marco Salas
PhD, Student

Spatial mapping of gene expression to decipher the thymic crosstalk controlling central immune tolerance
Magali Irla
PhD, Team Leader

Tracking B cell responses in tissues with integrative single-cell and spatial transcriptomics
Pierre Milpied
PhD, Team Leader

Empowering Impactful Science with Leading Edge Single Cell, Spatial, and In Situ Technologies
Peter Smibert
PhD, Vice President Biology
10x Genomics

Sample preparation for single cell experiments: the good, the bad and the ugly
Cecilia Korol
PhD, Field Application Scientist
10x Genomics

Cellular and molecular dynamics of muscle stem cells during muscle hyperplasia decline in trout
Sabrina Jagot
PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher
Institut National de Recherche en Agronomie

Environmental and genetic drivers of poplation differences in SARS-CoV-2 immune responses
Aurelie Bisiaux
Research Engineer
Institut Pasteur

Long read 3' single cell analysis in Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia
Nathalie Droin
PhD, Head of Genomic Platform
Institut Gustave Roussy

Detection of isoforms and genomic alterations in single cells for personalized oncology
Arthur Dondil
PhD, Student
ETZH Zurich

Heidelberg Symposium Recordings

Super-resolution Modeling of Visium Data: Getting Closer to Single-cell Resolution
Raphaël Gottardo, PhD
Professor, Biomedical Data Science, University of Lausanne

Empowering Biological Discoveries with Multiomic Single Cell, Spatial and In Situ Technologies
Sara Milosevic, PhD
Senior Science & Technology Advisor, 10x Genomics

Translational Application of Single-Cell-and Spatial Sequencing
Natalie Berghaus, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher, DKFZ

Bootcamp: Sample Preparation for Visium & Xenium Assays
Antje Märtin, PhD
Field Application Scientist, Tissue Specialist, 10x Genomics

Integration of Single Cell and Spatial Data
Philip Lobb, PhD
Staff Scientist, Applied Bioinformatics, 10x Genomics

Incorporation of TRDV Segments into TCR Alpha Chains
Michael Volkmar, PhD
Head of HI-TRON TCR Discovery Platform,Helmholtz Institute for Translational Oncology

Robust Detection of Clinically Relevant-Features in Single-cell RNA Profiles of-Patient-matched Fresh and Formalin-fixed-Paraffin-embedded (FFPE) Lung Cancer-Tissue
Philip Bischoff, PhD
Resident Pathologist & Clinician Scientist, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Measuring Histone Marks and Gene Expression using 10x Multiome
Andrea Callegari, PhD
Senior Scientist, GSK Funtional Genomics

A Genome-scale CROP-seq Screen Reveals Mediators of T Cell Signalling
Anke Loregger, PhD
Director of R&D, Myllia Biotechnology GmbH

10x Expert Session: Ask Me Anything
Moderator: Martin Seifert Panelists: Antje Märtin, Dirk Jürgensen, Philipp Lobb, Christina Galonska

London Symposium Recordings

Empowering Biological Discoveries with Multiomic Single Cell, Spatial and In Situ Technologies
Sarah Taylor, PhD
Senior Director Applications, 10x Genomics

Navigating 10x Genomics Data Analysis Journey with 10x Genomics and Community-developed Tools
Juan Du, PhD
Senior Manager, Applied Bioinformatics 10x Genomics

Multiomics Data Visualization Using Loupe Browser Software from 10x Genomics
Bartjin Pieters, PhD
Technical Support Scientist, 10x Genomics DKFZ

Immune Regulation Mediated by IL-10 Producing Innate Lymphoid Cells during Allergen Immunotherapy
Janice A Layhadi, PhD
Research Associate, Imperial College London

Hic2 Fast-tracks iPS Cell Generation by Suppressing KLF4-dependent Epidermal Detour during Reprogramming
Meryam Beniazza, PhD
Research Scientist, University of Edinburgh

Single Cell Sequencing Reveals Chemokine Receptor Control of Cells in the Peritoneal Cavity
Gil Wilson, PhD
Research Associate, University of Glasgow

Integration of Single Cell and Spatial Data
Philip Lobb, PhD
Staff Scientist, Applied Bioinformatics, 10x Genomics

Panel discussion: Challenges and Solutions in Single Cell and Spatial Data Analysis
Moderator: Juan Du
Panelists: Philip Lobb, Gabriele Girelli, Roman Laddach, Matteo Luberti, Chris Rands

BEAM, so Easy Antibody Can Do it
Nicola Cahill, PhD
Science & Technology Advisor, 10x Genomics

Population scale scRNAseq in PBMCs
Stephen Watt, PhD
Senior Staff Scientist, Sanger Institute

Tips and Tricks: Sample Preparation for Visium & Xenium Assays
Monika Dabrowska, PhD
Field Application scientist, 10x Genomics

Sample Preparation for Single Cell Analysis
Claudia Tamburini, PhD
Field Application Scientist, 10x Genomics

Benchmarking Spatial Protocols On Difficult Tissues
Theodoros Xenakis, PhD
Research Fellow, University College London

10x Genomics Expert Session "Ask me anything
Moderator: Claudia Tamburini
Panelists: Julia Cowen, Angela Churchill, Nicola Cahill, Sarah Taylor, Monika Dabrowska, Juan Du

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