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Xenium multimodal cell segmentation launch: Getting deeper insights into organ transplants

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Understanding transplant rejection and complex immune-mediated diseases requires a deep understanding of tissue microenvironments. Breaking down the cellular makeup of those microenvironments, like what Dr. Fadi Issa and Oliver McCallion are trying to do in kidney and liver, requires single cell spatial imaging with accurate cell segmentation and transcript assignment.

To meet the needs of our customers we created a new multimodal cell segmentation approach for better cell segmentation on Xenium In Situ. Join us for a webinar with 10x representatives and Dr. Issa and Oliver McCallion which will cover:

  • An introduction of the Xenium In Situ Cell Segmentation Solution
  • Dr. Issa and Oliver McCallion’s work with the Oxford Transplantation Research Immunology Group investigating regulatory T-cell therapies in kidney transplants
  • The unique challenges posed by tissues such as kidney and liver, with highly variable cell size and/or shape, in cell segmentation
  • How this new multimodal cell segmentation offering has impacted data quality and interpretation in their work



Fadi Issa, PhD
Clinician Scientist
University of Oxford


Oliver McCallion
DPhil Candidate and Clinical Research Fellow
Oxford University


Byron Hartman, PhD
Staff Product Manager
10x Genomics

Olga Vorobyova.jpeg

Olga Vorobyova
Group Product Manager, Software
10x Genomics