Chromium GEM-X Single Cell

The neXt generation of single cell starts with GEM-X

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Your research never stops evolving, so why should your methods? Conduct more impactful research with our newest innovations in transcriptomic profiling: Chromium GEM-X Single Cell Gene Expression v4 and Chromium GEM-X Single Cell Immune Profiling v3.

These assays are powered by advanced GEM-X technology and supported by the Chromium X Series instruments to provide cost-effective single cell profiling with unmatched sensitivity and robustness that help you meet and expand your experimental goals.

GEM-X technology lets you use our tried-and-tested Chromium Single Cell workflow to capture more genes and complexity than ever before. New chip architecture has been optimized based on a wealth of experience from the Next GEM assays, enabling increased cell throughput at higher capture rates. What does this mean for your samples, your data? The short answer: higher performance across the board.

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Now you can barcode tens of thousands of cells in only 6 minutes, and that accelerated process yields incredible benefits:

  • More efficient microfluidics means more efficient cell capture—up to 80% vs. 65% with Next GEM assays
  • Faster run times do not negatively affect cell stress, with data showing improved capture of fragile cells
  • Twice as many Gel Beads-in-emulsion (GEMs) are generated at smaller volume, reducing multiplet rates two-fold and increasing throughput capabilities
  • Improvements in chip design reduce clogging and increase success rates
  • GEM-X advancements set a solid foundation for future application support and continued performance improvements

You can learn more about these assays and start planning your experiments with our GEM-X toolkit. This convenient collection of resources includes comparison data, webinar access, product specs, and more.

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