Xenium Prime 5K Assays

Explore like never before with 5,000-gene panels on Xenium

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Single cell spatial imaging of 5,000 genes across whole tissue sections with exceptional specificity, sensitivity, and speed

The Xenium Prime 5K pan tissue & pathways assays are finally here—but what are they? Expertly curated 5,000-gene panels that let you explore your biology with remarkable depth and breadth. Outstanding sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy that inspires confidence in each one of your transcripts. The fastest way to image thousands of genes in thousands of cells across your entire tissue section.

Now the only question is what you’ll do with:

More transcripts & more genes to drive more breakthroughs

The high-plex Xenium Prime 5K pan tissue & pathways assays enable a new level of exploration for pathways, biomarkers, ligand–receptor pairings, and cell–cell interactions.

View the Xenium Prime 5K pan tissue and pathways panel gene lists (human | mouse) and imagine where you’ll start your single cell spatial imaging journey. Plus, learn how you can customize your assay with up to 100 additional genes (including isoforms, exogenous sequences like gRNAs and barcodes, CAR-T transcripts, viruses, and more) to capture the specific biology you need with the Xenium Panel Designer.

Remarkable data quality to unlock mechanisms of disease, therapeutics, and cell behavior

Xenium Prime 5K assays are optimized for performance and paired with our advanced multimodal cell segmentation, enabling exquisite sensitivity, specificity, and spatial fidelity. This means ultra-high-plex data without sacrificing data quality and greater confidence in each transcript assignment.

Unparalleled turnaround time with quick and easy workflows

Your tissues may be variable, heterogeneous, and complex, but your workflow shouldn’t be. Xenium lets you analyze up to 472 mm2 per run (236 mm2 per slide, 2 slides per run) in only 6 days. And our workflow is built on easy, tissue-agnostic sample prep, so you have one workflow no matter how many different tissue type(s) you work with.

The result? Easy, efficient exploration of thousands of genes in your samples across your entire tissue section(s).

Explore the Xenium Prime 5K dataset

Seeing is believing, so we invite you to explore what Xenium Prime 5K can do for you with the new human FFPE lymph node dataset. Check it out, and then get ready to plan your own journey.

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