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Visium HD reveals the spatial immune landscape of colorectal tumors at single cell scale

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Whole transcriptome spatial discovery reveals immune cell types across the tumor microenvironment

Tumor–immune interactions in the core and periphery of solid tumors are key factors in an effective immune response—or tumor progression. 

Our new bioRxiv preprint demonstrates the power of Visium HD to resolve these immune cell types and interactions in human FFPE colon cancer tissue with whole transcriptome spatial analysis at single cell scale. Read it now to find: 

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  • Comprehensive cellular maps of FFPE tumor sections, including benchmarking data from Visium HD and Visium v2 in normal adjacent tissues
  • A unique distance-based analysis method only possible with high-resolution, whole transcriptome data that localized macrophage subtypes along the tumor periphery
  • Complementary insights from Visium HD, Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling, and Xenium In Situ that helped to identify an expanded cytotoxic T-cell clonotype in an immune niche potentially involved in recruiting immune cells to the tumor

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