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Early Career Investigator Award 2022

Empowering the future of neurodegenerative disease research
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The submission period for this award has ended.

Untangling the complex biology of neurodegenerative disease requires innovation, commitment, resources, and—often—a new perspective.
To honor and support the next generation of researchers as they push for a greater understanding of neurodegenerative disease, we are proud to announce the Early Career Investigator Award (ECIA) for excellence in neurodegenerative disease research. One early-stage researcher will receive $50,000 USD in 10x Genomics products*, empowering them to incorporate cutting-edge single cell and spatial approaches into their work.
Do you know an early-stage investigator whose outstanding contributions to the field are helping shape the future of neurodegenerative disease research? Just complete this form†; nominees will be notified via email and invited to complete the process by submitting a 150-word statement of interest.

  • Candidates should be faculty members in good standing who have not received their first major funding award (NIH R01 equivalent/DFG grant equivalent)
  • Finalists will be assessed on past research contributions and potential for continued success in the field
  • Nominations will be reviewed by 10x Genomics and the winner will be selected by a panel of world-renowned experts, including:
    • Malu Tansey, PhD (University of Florida)
    • Mark Cookson, PhD (National Institute of Health)
    • Kelly Miller, PhD (10x Genomics, Associate Director, Neuroscience Segment)
    • David Gate, PhD (Northwestern University; 2021 ECIA recipient)
Nominations will be accepted starting June 1 and ending June 30, 2022.

See the full Terms & Conditions here.

*: Recipients must use the award within one (1) calendar year from the date of receipt. Multiple orders summing up to the full award amount may be placed over this time period.

†: The provided information will be used to contact the nominee with an invitation to participate. If the nominee declines to participate, 10x Genomics will not retain any of the information provided.