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Global Immunology Virtual Summit

Redefine Immunology with Multiomic Single Cell and Spatial Characterization

Calling all Immunology researchers. The Immunology Virtual Summit brings together the Immunology community virtually to support each other, share research findings, and advance research.

From infectious disease to immune cell development, join us to explore the latest breakthroughs and innovations. Sessions include scientific presentations from leading researchers and live Q&A forums, including discussions with our partners on incorporating compatible products with the 10x Genomics workflow and insight into sample prep and data analysis from the 10x-perts.

Watch the entire summit on-demand or select sessions of interest.

On-Demand Sessions:

Revolutionizing antibody discovery for pharma with single cell approaches and LIBRA-seq
Wyatt McDonnell, PhD, MSc
Computational Immunologist, 10x Genomics

A single cell atlas of human thymus across development and aging defines dynamics of T cell development
Jongeun Park, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory of Sarah Teichmann
Wellcome Sanger Institute

Sample preparation for single cell immunology studies: Tips and tricks
Rea Dabelic, PhD
Senior Field Application Scientist, 10x Genomics

Enabling the immunology workflow: Integration of compatible products for sample prep and multiomics
Jana Soyka, PhD - Miltenyi Biotec
Miguel Tam, PhD - BioLegend
Stephen T. Haley, PhD - Immudex

Origins of diversity in human antibody repertoires
Felix Horns, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory of Michael Elowitz
California Institute of Technology

Immunology data analysis with the 10x-perts
Vartika Agrawal
Product Marketing Manager, Informatics, 10x Genomics

Innovation Lab: Single cell immune profiling for vaccine research and antibody discovery
Panel Discussion
In this virtual panel discussion, we bring together researchers with the goal of fostering scientific creativity and innovation. These discussions are interactive—we encourage you to share your questions, as well as your broader concerns, challenges, and bottlenecks related to vaccine research and antibody discovery.

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