Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression LT

Accelerate the journey from pilot to publication


Kick start your single cell discoveries. Conduct pilot studies, launch initial investigations, or perform sample prep optimization, all with just 100–1,000 cells.

  • Gain initial insights - With small-scale investigations, find out what 100–1,000 cells can reveal.
  • Optimize sample prep - Refine experimental conditions to maximize the success of your studies.
  • Support from prep to analysis - From technical resources to user-friendly, cloud-based data analytics, you are supported end-to-end.
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Enabling cost-effective pilot and optimization experiments for single cell gene expression studies

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can:
  • Profile 100–1,000 cells using the Single Cell Gene Expression Low Throughput kit
  • Leverage data from low-throughput experiments, including optimization of sample prep protocols and experimental conditions, to inform full-scale studies
  • Design and scale experiments from early-stage pilots to comprehensive studies
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Getting started guide

Get started with single cell gene expression today, download this Experiment Planning Guide for:
  • Recommendations for experimental design
  • Considerations for preparing and processing your sample
  • Tips on the number of cells to analyze, sequencing depth, and replicate requirements Data analysis and visualization information
  • Use-case examples from other researchers
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