Research Highlights

Explore the latest discoveries in immunology research

Highlighting major discoveries in immunology, infectious disease, and immuno-oncology research enabled by solutions from 10x Genomics

Introducing the Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution
Speakers: Nikhil Rao, PhD, Sr. Product Manager | Zachary Bent, PhD, Director of Consumables and Product Development

Immunology Research Highlights


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Explore the methods and major findings from a number of top publications and learn how immunologists around the world are leveraging 10x Genomics products to:

  • Advance our knowledge of the heterogeneity and developmental progression of immune cells
  • Elucidate the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the adaptive and innate immune response
  • Identify and secure the paired B-cell receptor heavy- and light-chain sequences for an increasing number of new antibodies to known and novel targets
  • Understand the complex biology underlying immunotherapy failure and success