Visium Spatial

Breaking spatial barriers


Spatial biology without boundaries

Tissue samples contain a treasure trove of biological information, and assessing gene expression in this morphological context is critical to understanding biology and disease. Visium Spatial Gene Expression removes analysis boundaries associated with predefined regions of interest by allowing you to analyze the whole transcriptome in full fresh-frozen or FFPE tissue sections so you don’t miss out on important biology. Experience unparalleled insights with the full tissue coverage, powerful resolution, and high sensitivity of Visium Spatial capture technology.


See the exciting future that researchers are envisioning with spatial gene expression for FFPE samples.

FFPE meets spatial whole transcriptome mapping

Got FFPE tissues? No problem! FFPE processing is no longer a barrier to the adoption of spatial gene expression in your research. Enabling whole transcriptome analysis in FFPE samples opens the door for you to:
  • Revisit archival, biobanked samples for biomarker discovery
  • Perform retrospective and longitudinal studies to track biological processes over time

Combine the benefits of histological analysis with the massive throughput and discovery power of RNA sequencing, breaking past barriers that have limited spatial profiling of FFPE tissue blocks in the past.

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Explore Visium in action

Reveal the cellular and spatial organization of tumor microenvironments for a more complete understanding of cancer. Discover how spatial gene expression helped characterize triple negative breast cancer heterogeneity.


Tissue-level gene expression insights revealed

See how researchers are applying Visium Spatial to map the whole transcriptome with morphological context and discover novel insights into normal development, disease pathology, and clinical translational research.


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10x_Visium Gateway Launch_Map_the_whole_transcriptome.jpg
Combine the benefits of histological spatial information and whole transcriptome analysis with Visium Spatial Gene Expression to gain a new perspective on tissue biology.

10x_Visium Gateway Launch_Tissue_Profiling.jpg
Build upon the tissue-level insights provided by the Visium Spatial Gene Expression platform with immunofluorescence protein detection, enabling multiomic tissue phenotyping with protein and mRNA visualization.

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