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Assessing gene expression with morphological context is critical to our understanding of biology and the progression of disease. Experience the wealth of data provided by spatial transcriptomics on just two tissue samples and without stretching your budget with our Visium Gateway slides. Leverage our new introductory Visium Gateway offering to get the most out of your tissue samples by examining histology, protein, and mRNA from the same tissue section.


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Product Highlights

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Curious about how spatial transcriptomics can advance your research? With Visium, you can map the whole transcriptome or targeted panels with morphological context, allowing a comprehensive view of the spatial organization of newly discovered cell types, states, and biomarkers. Now you can experience the power and value of Visium for histology, protein, and mRNA analysis from the same tissue samples with Gateway slides.

Product Highlights
  • Unravel biological architecture and understand the spatial relationship between cells within normal and diseased tissue
  • Map the whole transcriptome or focus on your genes of interest using curated targeted gene expression panels
  • Integrate easily with current histological laboratory methods and tools for tissue analysis since no specialized equipment is needed

 Explore Visium

10x_Visium Gateway Launch_Grant_Application_Thumbnail.jpg Visium Gateway slides are a great way to get pilot data for your upcoming grants. Successfully communicate the importance of your next spatial gene expression project with the help of these grant application resources. Download this document and find:
  • A complete breakdown of the Visium Spatial Gene Expression workflow and technical capabilities
  • Validating datasets, comparing spatial gene expression results to laser capture microdissection, single molecule FISH, and in situ hybridization data
  • Key research applications and corresponding publications that leverage spatial transcriptomics, including cancer and neuroscience studies
  • Technical advantages of Visium Spatial Gene Expression over other methods of spatial tissue analysis.

10x_Spatial_Gene_Expression_KOL_Carpten_Lundberg Watch the video to see where you can go and what you can discover with Visium using Gateway slides. Learn how oncology and neuroscience researchers are using Visium Spatial Gene Expression.

10x_Visium Gateway Launch_Map_the_whole_transcriptome.jpg Visit the Visium Spatial Gene Expression product page to learn more about how histological spatial information is coupled with whole transcriptome analysis to gain a new perspective on tissue biology.

Explore Spatial Gene Expression →
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And visit our newest Application page to find more information about how immunofluorescence builds onto the Visium Spatial Gene Expression platform, enabling multiomic tissue phenotyping with protein and mRNA visualization.

Service Providers

Accelerate your trial of Visium Gateway by working with our Certified Service Providers to quickly and effectively get the results you need. Easily initiate cutting-edge research projects and overcome research roadblocks with our Certified Service Provider Program.



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