Webinar by 10x Genomics in conjunction with World Immune Regulation Meeting (WIRM)

Redefining Immunology with Multiomic Single Cell & Spatial Characterisation

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To develop an extensive understanding of the orchestrated innate and adaptive immune response, researchers need tools that can profile tissues at cellular and molecular resolution. 10x Genomics’ Single Cell Immune Profiling and Gene Expression Solutions with Feature Barcode technology enable you to perform multiomic phenotyping in thousands of single immune cells, including cell surface protein and antigen specificity characterization, and can be combined with adaptive immune repertoire and gene expression analysis. Our Visium products enable analysis of biological molecules within their spatial context, providing localization information on the analytes that give insight into higher order biological structure and function. Together, these solutions are enabling researchers to gain a clear, holistic view of the immune system and address complex questions that have evaded previous technologies.

Join this webinar for a discussion of:

  • How Single Cell, Spatial & Multiomic applications from 10x Genomics can accelerate your immunology research
  • Updates on product development, including Single Cell ATAC plus Gene Expression, CellPlex, Chromium Connect and both IHC and FFPE on Visium Spatial Gene Expression
  • The application of 10x Genomics technology to study the human kidney

The webinar will consist of approximately 45 minutes of presentations followed by up to 15 minutes open discussion/Q&A.