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Visium Spatial Gene Expression and Protein Co-Detection Solutions

Introduction to Implementation: Your guide to getting started


Join our Visium Spatial Gene Expression Learning Series. This three-part series will introduce spatial gene expression profiling together with protein co-detection, and show you how to quickly get started with your tissue profiling experiments . Each session will be 50 minutes followed by a live Q&A. Attendees who participate in all three sessions will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible for a “Thank You” promotion.  Please register for the sessions below. 

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Session 1: Visium Spatial Solutions: Applications & Workflow
Presenter: Nirav Patel, MS, Science & Technology Advisor, 10x Genomics

See how Visium Spatial Solutions are enabling researchers to map the whole transcriptome with morphological context to discover novel insights into normal development, disease pathology, and clinical translational research. In this session, the instructor will:

  • Introduce the Visium platform, while focusing on the power of adding spatial information to gene expression and protein co-detection
  • Provide an overview of Visium applications and review publication highlights using spatial gene expression technology
  • Walk through the Visium workflow and additional resources to support your experiments

Session 2: Simultaneously Visualizing Genes and Proteins in a Spatial Context
Presenter: Michael Campbell, Sr. Software Engineer, Field Operations, 10x Genomics

Find out how Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution software tools can help you analyze and visualize your spatial gene expression data. Space Ranger, a set of analysis pipelines, processes Visium spatial RNA-seq output and brightfield microscope images in order to detect tissue, align reads, generate feature-spot matrices, perform clustering and gene expression analysis, and place spots in spatial context on a slide image. Then, Loupe Browser provides interactive visualization functionality to analyze data from the Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution. This includes the ability to interrogate significant genes, characterize and refine clusters, and perform differential expression analysis—all within the spatial context of a tissue image. In this session, the instructor will:

  • Demonstrate how sequencing and imaging data is processed to place gene expression features in spatial context
  • Discuss key outputs, formats, and utility of the data analysis pipeline
  • Walk through a demo of the visualization software and become familiar with the utilities of summary files in interpreting and troubleshooting experiments

Session 3: Visium Spatial Solutions: Logistics & Implementation
Presenter: John Harrington, MS, Senior Field Applications Scientist, 10x Genomics

Embarking on research studies using new technology can be daunting. Join us for this session where we will guide you as you consider implementing the Visium Spatial Gene Expression and Protein Co-Detection Solution in your laboratory. You will be ready to start with Visium in no time. In this session, the instructor will:

  • Review best practices for sample preparation and tissue optimization, including an overview of the equipment required for the Visium workflow
  • Discuss how to work within the existing infrastructure at your institution 
  • Walk through additional resources available to support your spatial gene expression projects

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