10x Genomics Educational Sessions - from sample to data

Visium Spatial Gene Expression

We are very much looking forward to your upcoming participation in our live virtual 10x Visium Spatial gene expression training sessions. This series is designed to give you a solid basic foundation of the key concepts and fundamentals of successful sample preparation and data interpretation.

This educational series will consist of 1 hour training sessions covering important topics in preparing to run the Visium assay. The focus will be on preparing for your first experiment, conducting key assay steps, and introducing data analysis. We will be adding more sessions so stay tuned!

If you are about to start with Visium Spatial Gene Expression, or you are planning to in the near future, please join us!

1. Getting Started with Visium Spatial Gene Expression April 13, 2021, 1 hour, 10 AM CET

Join the European support team as they discuss important topics in preparing and running the Visium assay. The focus will be on sample preparation, imaging setup, and required equipment. Target Audience: customers who will soon be starting their first Visium experiments.

2. Introduction to Visium Data Analysis and Loupe Browser June 21, 2021, 1 h, 11.30 AM CET

Join the European support team as they introduce the Space Ranger analysis pipeline, and Loupe visualization tool. Live guided exercises with Loupe will be conducted. Target Audience: customers who are brand new to Visium analysis and who would like to see more of how the Loupe visualization tool can be used.

Your European 10x Support team - Adam Jerauld, Bashir Sadet, Antje Märtin, Aydan Derdiyok, Victoria Constandse.

Calendar invites and confirmation emails will be sent for each lesson.

Save the date for the 10x Genomics virtual Spatial Discovery Symposium May 4-6, 2021!

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