Crucial Applications of Single Cell Gene Expression and Immune Profiling for COVID-19 Research

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Overcoming the challenges of infectious disease biology requires a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of these complex pathologies, from the development of innate and adaptive immunity to the intricacy of host–pathogen interactions and immune evasion.

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Dexamethasone modulates immature neutrophils and interferon programming in severe COVID-19

Nicole Rosin PhD, Research Associate - University of Calgary
Sarthak Sinha, MD-PhD Candidate (Vanier Scholar) - Leaders in Medicine program at the University of Calgary


A system biology approach identifies candidate drugs to reduce mortality in severely ill COVID-19 patients

Vinicius Fava
PhD, Research Associate - Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC); Infectious Diseases and Immunity in Global Health (IDIGH) Program; McGill International TB Centre

FAIR Data Curation of Antibody/B-cell and T-cell Receptor Sequences in the AIRR Data Commons Promotes Rapid Response to COVID-19

Felix Breden
PhD, Professor of Biological Sciences - Simon Fraser University; iReceptor
Brian Corrie PhD, Technical Director - Simon Fraser University; iReceptor
Kira Neller PhD, Data Curator - Simon Fraser University; iReceptor

Sample preparation for single-cell analysis

Meysam Abbasi
PhD, Field Application Scientist - 10x Genomics


Adriana Suarez
PhD, Science and Technology Advisor - 10x Genomics