High-resolution characterization of the immune system with Single Cell Immune Profiling HT

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The immune system is incredibly dynamic, comprising many complex cell types and innumerable specificities to respond to infection, injury, and inflammation. While single cell transcriptional profiling is a powerful tool for studying the immune system, but to truly understand the complexity of the system, we need multiomic approaches that can measure protein expression, antigen interaction, and clonal diversity from the same cell. With Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling, you can perform multiomic phenotyping in hundreds to hundreds of thousands of cells by accessing cell surface proteins, T-and B-cell repertoire diversity, antigen specificity, and gene expression analysis at high resolution. Discover new cell types and states using whole transcriptome analysis, or focus your search with custom or pre-designed immunology gene expression panels. Take your studies even further with high-throughput capabilities that can uncover ultra-rare cell populations and reveal the incredible diversity of the adaptive immune system.

Join us for a live webinar to hear how you can gain a clear, holistic view of the immune system and address complex questions that have evaded traditional technologies. Gain a comprehensive understanding of immune complexity with high-throughput multiomic immune profiling. Perform antibody and TCR discovery for rare clonotypes, detect ultra-rare cell populations, and profile the complete immune repertoire response to infection and disease.