Single cell analysis of FFPE tissue: Experiences and considerations from a pathologist’s perspective

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FFPE tissue blocks are one of the most commonly generated sample types and hold enormous potential as resources for the study of human health and disease. However, formalin fixation degrades RNA, presenting challenges for many downstream profiling methods. With the development of more advanced technologies, these precious samples are now accessible for transcriptomic profiling, unlocking a large number of clinical specimens for analysis at single cell resolution.

In this webinar, Dr. Philip Bischoff, a resident pathologist and clinical scientist at Charité University Hospital in Berlin, will be sharing his experiences in analyzing these extremely challenging sample types with Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Flex.

Join us for insightful discussions, including:

  • How FFPE tissue analysis with scRNA-seq can benefit your research
  • Comparing and contrasting single cell data from fresh and FFPE samples
  • What you should consider when planning single cell experiments with archived tissues
  • Why these analyses are important from a pathologist's perspective



Angela Churchill, PhD
Product Marketing Manager, Single Cell Applications
10x Genomics

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Philip Bischoff, MD
Resident Pathologist | Clinician Scientist
Charité - University of Berlin