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Round off your day by joining our after-work webinar series, where you’ll get a sneak peek into the progress we’re making as a community to optimize single cell and spatial transcriptomics workflows at every step.

Together we succeed! 10x Genomics, Miltenyi, Illumina, Immudex, BioLegend, Merck, and Partek will showcase how single cell and spatial transcriptomics can unlock biological mysteries across a number of research areas and drive your research further.

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Featured Speakers 

Science & Technology Advisor, 10x Genomics
From Single cell to multiomics to spatial transcriptomics
Rafael Kramann.jpg
Professor of Medicine, RWTH Aachen University
Integrative single cell genomics and spatial transcriptomics in human heart
Global Product Manager, Miltenyi
Preparation of cells for Single Cell Genomics Analysis
Dr. Cornelius Fischer.jpg
Scientific Genomics Platforms, BIMSB, BIH, MDC
What you prep is what you get. Practical insights and hints to reach high quality single cell data
Casey Headshot.jpg
CRISPR Product Manager, Merck KGaA
Pool CRISPR-based Screening and Single-cell analysis
Celia Alda photo.jpg
Celia Alda Catalinas, PhD
Genome Editing Senior Scientist, GSK
A single-cell transcriptomics CRISPR-activation screen identifies new epigenetic regulators of the zygotic genome activation programme
Scientific Application Manager, BioLegend
Proteogenomics and TotalSeq™ Reagents: A New Era of Single-cell Analysis
VIB Ghent University
Getting started with CITE-Seq workflows and analyses
Product Manager, Immudex
dCODE Dextramer®-Unravel Specificity of T-cell immunity
Raquel Deering.png
Associate Director of Immuno-Oncology Research
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
High-throughput screening for antigen-specific T cell reactivities from primary human T cells
Pawel Zajac Portrait MID.jpg
Sr Segment Marketing Manager, Illumina
Exploring biological systems at single-cell or spatial resolution with sequencing
Pierre Milpied, PhD
Integrative B cell Immunology lab, CIML
Deciphering B cell lymphoma heterogeneity with integrative single-cell sequencing
Field Application Scientist, Partek
Analysis of 10x Genomics Visium Data in Partek® Flow®
Christine Hollander.png
Staff Scientist, Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics, NCI, NIH
Evolution of the immune response during mammary tumor progression and metastasis in mice

Partners and Co-hosts

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