Resolve the biological complexity of leukemia with single cell resolution

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The approach to treating hematological malignancies is rapidly evolving as we discover the underlying mechanisms of disease and identify new immune pathways within the patient’s body to harness. Immunotherapies have proven successful in treating some cancers, yet there is more to be done to unravel the complexity of blood cancers and develop increasingly personalized, targeted agents.

With the suite of single cell solutions from 10x Genomics, oncologists and researchers have new tools to help resolve the heterogeneity of blood cancers and characterize rare progenitor cells. They are better equipped to unlock the pathways of disease progression to identify novel targets, and interrogate the cellular and molecular mechanisms of action and resistance to understand the basis of therapeutic response, including relapse.  

Watch this recording to learn how single cell analysis provides the necessary framework to resolve the complexity of hematological malignancies and how new findings will influence human health.

This webinar will consist of a live presentation followed by a Q&A session.

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