Joint single-cell measurements of nuclear proteins and RNA in vivo

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10x Genomics, Illumina, and BioLegend are excited to bring you this joint webinar featuring Hattie Chung, PhD of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

Single-cell technologies have uncovered the vast diversity in gene expression patterns across individual cells. Understanding the drivers of cellular phenotypes and regulatory mechanisms requires new modalities of information. In particular, proteins are the main regulators of dynamic changes in cell states and gene expression. This webinar will share recent advances in single-cell proteogenomic methods for simultaneously measuring proteins and the transcriptome, and highlight how intracellular and intranuclear protein abundances, especially transcription factors and signaling proteins, can be used to interpret gene programs.


Hattie Chung, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate
The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

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