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Overcome drug development
challenges with single cell RNA-seq

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Success starts with the right resolution

Promising treatments for complex diseases are often thwarted by biological heterogeneity that leads to differences in disease manifestations and treatment responses, resulting in varied drug efficacy or, worse, dangerous toxicity. To increase success and decrease risk, clinical scientists must examine disease mechanisms and drug action more comprehensively, necessitating high-resolution, cell type–specific insights.

Download our White Paper to learn how single cell RNA-seq (scRNA-seq) can empower and streamline successful therapeutic development. We discuss:

  • Key challenges in drug discovery and development that contribute to high attrition rates
  • The value of scRNA-seq in tackling these challenges and how scientists are already using it for target identification, characterization of mechanism of action, patient stratification, and toxicity evaluation
  • Innovative future applications using single cell CRISPR screening, multiomics, long-read sequencing, and more

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