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Join us for a gathering of trailblazers, innovators, and like-minded scientists, where we’ll be highlighting how the newest 10x Genomics innovations can fuel tomorrow’s groundbreaking discoveries.

This virtual content hub will showcase the 10x Genomics 2021 product roadmap and initial data. Review Q&A sessions focuses on our Chromium single cell platform, Visium spatial platform, and In Situ platform.

Hear from 10x Genomics and your peers, learn what strides are being made, and experience how 10x Genomics is moving with you into the future of science. Attendees will:
  • Gain insights about the newest technological innovations.
  • Learn how you can improve your research by combining the latest methods and technologies.
  • Build a greater understanding of how your peers are making strides and pushing the boundaries of biology.
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Featured Speakers
Michael Schnall-Levin, PhD
Senior Vice President, R&D, Founding Scientist
Topic: Opening Remarks
Katie Pfeiffer, PhD
Staff Scientist, Research & Development
Topic: Chromium Single Cell Platform
James Chell, PhD
Senior Scientist, Research & Development
Topic: Visium Spatial Platform
Nikhil Rao, PhD
Director, Product Management
Topic: In Situ Platform

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