On-Demand Webinar

Discover the Power of Multiomic Cytometry for Immune Cells

Explore the single cell immune profiling workflow and multiomic data generated in a study of PBMCs from two donors infected by cytomegalovirus


Watch this on-demand webinar to:

Explore the single cell immune profiling workflow, and it’s application to the study of PBMCs from virally-infected donors
  • Gain access to demonstrated protocols and expert tips for sample preparation
  • Learn how 10x Genomics scientists were able to generate multiomic readouts for single immune cells, including information about gene expression, cell surface protein expression, paired TCR profiles, and antigen specificity
  • Review data visualizations that enabled identification of expanded, antigen-specific T cell clonotypes

Sarah Taylor, PhD
Daniel Riorden, PhD
Dagmar Walter, PhD

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Watch this on-demand seminar recording to learn how UCSF Assistant Professor, Dr. Jimmie Ye, and his team:
  • Performed single cell RNA-sequencing for 1 million immune cells from 200 mixed blood samples from patients with lupus and healthy controls
  • Quantified cell type proportions and defined biomarkers predictive of lupus disease status and severity with single cell gene expression data
  • Optimized cellular throughput and reduced error from sample preparation with a multiplexing workflow
  • Characterized cellular and molecular variation between each unique sample, and removed doublets, using a demultiplexing algorithm
Contact us if you’re ready to talk to an expert about our Immunology Solutions.
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