Automated Single Cell Immune Profiling

Achieve Consistent Results with Chromium Connect


Explore the resources below to see how you can streamline your single cell workflows with automated solutions on Chromium Connect — including the new Single Cell Immune Profiling workflows, expected early in 2021. Pre-orders for automated reagents are available now.

Examine the cellular heterogeneity of the immune system alongside T- and B-cell receptor diversity with increased productivity, consistency, reliability, and efficiency on Chromium Connect.


Automate your single cell immune profiling workflows for increased efficiency, reduced hands-on time, and fewer pipetting steps, combined with extended walk-away time.

Explore how automation can deliver consistency and reliability to more efficiently explore the immune system’s cellular heterogeneity, alongside T- and B-cell receptor diversity. Hear from 10x Genomics product experts in this on-demand webinar.

Product Highlights

Product Sheet
Single cell immune profiling workflows on Chromium Connect enable consistent results, optimized lab productivity, and accelerated time to results.
  • Minimize variation in gene expression and receptor sequence data for consistent and reproducible studies.
  • Reveal clonal expansion with minimal hands-on time to optimize lab productivity.
  • Characterize the immune response to disease and therapy with walk-away convenience.
  • Automate TCR and antibody discovery with increased laboratory efficiency and ability to scale. 

Product Sheet Chromium Connect provides consistent and reproducible data for single cell immune profiling studies across experiments and users. Run your assays with the confidence that technical variation is minimized with this validated instrument.

Explore Chromium Connect

Visit the Chromium Connect product page to learn how you can maximize your research productivity and achieve consistent, reproducible single cell results.

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