Visium Spatial Gene Expression with Immunofluorescence

Gain a new perspective on tissue complexity


Combine spatial gene and protein expression profiling in the same tissue section to obtain a more complete picture of tissue biology. Leverage Visium Spatial Gene Expression with immunofluorescence protein detection to localize rare cell subtypes in patient samples, characterize immune cell activation states, or resolve post-translational modifications and cell signaling in the tissue context, without sacrificing whole transcriptome data.


How does Visium Spatial Gene Expression with Immunofluorescence differ from standard immunofluorescence?
What discoveries can it enable for oncology or neuroscience? Find out more in our introductory webinar, now available on-demand. Watch here.

Learn more about Visium Spatial Gene Expression with Immunofluorescence by reviewing our new product sheet and protocol in the sections below.

Product Highlights

The Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution with Immunofluorescence is distinguished by a ready-to-use, robust workflow. Explore the workflow, and access featured applications and data, in our new product sheet.

Product Highlights
  • Conserve precious samples by combining protein, whole
  • transcriptome, and histological analyses on the same tissue section
  • Characterize immune cells and engineered T cells, as well as their activity states, in the tumor microenvironment
  • Interrogate gene expression profiles in “hot” and “cold” tumor regions
  • Identify the cellular source of secreted molecules
  • Map discrete neuroanatomical brain regions and neuronal subtypes
  • Decipher the relationship between pathological protein aggregates and neurotoxicity

 Getting Started


Download our new protocol to learn how you can seamlessly combine immunofluorescence protein detection and whole transcriptome analysis in your next Visium experiments for even greater discovery power.

Product Benefits

  • Ready-to-use, robust workflow for whole tissue section analysis of both RNA and protein
  • Easy to integrate with current histological laboratory methods and tools for tissue analysis
  • Retain antibody flexibility by using your own validated fluorophore-conjugated antibodies for simultaneous protein and RNA visualization
  • Broaden your reach beyond predefined regions of interest to analyze the entire tissue section at once

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visium-if-social-spatial-proteomics-screenshot.png And visit our newest Application page to find more information about how immunofluorescence builds onto the Visium Spatial Gene Expression platform, enabling multiomic tissue phenotyping with protein and mRNA visualization.

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Visit the Visium Spatial Gene Expression product page to learn more about how histological spatial information is coupled with whole transcriptome analysis to gain a new perspective on tissue biology.

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